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Skate Fitting

Your speed, agility, and the confidence you feel in your edges are directly related to how well your skates fit… and that makes a huge difference to your game! We understand the importance of a great fitting skate and take the fitting process seriously.

The first step is choosing the right skate. All the manufactures that we carry make great skates, but not all of them make the right skate for you. Our expert staff will assess the length, width, volume and shape of your feet and help you choose the correct skate to maximize comfort and fit. Once the skate is chosen, we will heat mold it to your foot to expedite the break-in process. Then diagnose any problem spots on the skate and stretch and pop those areas for a customized fit.

When we are done, the boot will fit YOU. By achieving complete comfort, you’re only focused on your play of the game… NOT about how sore your feet are.